Buyer Enablement, the next evolution of Sales

ProteusEngage provides workspaces and a suite of modules to build trust, collaborate and align decision makers — in short, helping buyers buy. 


"Buyer enablement is, in essence, the next evolution of sales enablement. It provides both the 'what' and the 'how' through prescriptive advice and practical support"

- Melissa Hilbert, Research Director at Gartner

Buyer Enablement done right includes:

Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

When we say seamless we mean it.... Buyers and your sales team easily can communicate, share, and build trust in a centralized environment. All activities are synced in ProteusEngage or your preferred CRM.



Proven tools to inspire collaboration with multiple decision makers during the sales process. Helping buyers align and build confidence with your product and service offerings.


Deeper Relationships

Deeper Relationships

Relationships are king in b2b sales - ProteusEngage helps create experiences and interactions to build trust, needs discovery, alignment, and deepen the relationship with multiple decision makers.

Tools for Engagement

Tools for Engagement

ProteusEngage provides dynamic engagement modules to bring buyer and seller teams together. These modules are delivered, managed and tracked in the ProteusEngage centralized environment - one place for success. 

Consensus Engine

Consensus Engine

Maintaining connection can be a challenge especially with multiple decision makers and a long sales cycle. ProteusEngage provides a centralized experience and the ability to connect and conversate with the entire buyer group or individuals.

Personalization at Scale

Personalization at Scale

ProteusEngage efficiently creates highly personalized and collaborative workspace experiences at scale - this targeted and relevant approach empowers your buyers to make confident and timely purchase decisions.

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Proteus Engage - Personalized Messaging

Experience: Surpassing Prospect Expectations 

ProteusEngage provides a digital bridge between the sales representative and the buyer group. These workspaces are buyer facing and inspire collaboration and guide the potential customer through your sales process on their schedule. Unlock the potential.

  • Private, secure workspaces
  • Fosters collaboration
  • Multiple decision-maker visibility
  • Replicate best sales experience
  • Consistent messaging

Ease: Use and Adoption with Little Lift

ProteusEngage provides teams with a highly efficient and automated way to deeply engage prospects and buyers in a personalized and easy to comprehend experience.  

  • Seamless for sales teams
  • Targeted and meaningful to your prospects
  • CRM Integration
  • Educate multiple buyers
  • Close deals faster
  • Timely Interactions

Proteus Engage - Timely Communication

Proteus Engage - Visibility and Analytics for Insights

Performance: Visibility and Analytics for Insights

ProteusEngage creates a unique environment where data collection, tracking, and mining can provide your business with a wealth of insights. But how do you digest and make sense of all this information and opportunity?

The ProteusEngage team provides clients with the following:

  • ProteusEngage Insight Reports
  • Active coaching and review
  • ProteusEngage Academy - a community for Engage users sharing ideas and best practices

Plays Well with Others

ProteusEngage was designed to seamlessly work into existing CRMs.

And many other platforms!

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